About Me

Michelle Anderson of Mango Mahalo Photography

When I was growing up, my parents documented my childhood with photographic film. I remember the evenings we would sit together and watch our family’s pictures to the humming sound of the slide projector. As a teenager, my mother allowed me to pick out my most favorite slides and she created a photograph album of my childhood. Those albums sit in my living room, and I rarely take them off the shelf, but the memories they contain are tucked away deep in my heart.

Generations later, my children are having their childhoods documented on digital film. And many of their pictures are enlarged, printed, and displayed on the walls of our home. Like my parents once did, it is now my turn to capture the memories that will be engrained in my children’s hearts. After the birth of my second child, I was motivated by my dear friend, Marie, to purchase my first DSLR camera and to learn how to photograph my little loved ones. Soon I was photographing my friend’s children, and other family members. I met other “mom – togs” and became inspired thru their friendships to pursue my own lifestyle photography business. Before the birth of my third child, I left my primary job as a pediatrician so I could stay at home and raise my three children. During this time at home, with my husband’s support and encouragement, I created Mango Mahalo Photography.

My passion for and commitment to photography has stood the test of time. I first picked up a camera in 2008 and then officially started my business in 2012. When my family moved from California to Tennessee in 2014, I restarted my business in Knoxville. Now that we moved to Florida in the summer of 2022, I am relaunching my business yet again in Saint Johns, FL.

Whether taking maternity, newborn, childhood, or family photos, my goal is document your loved ones moments, and to create memories to be displayed on your walls and tucked away deep in your hearts.

Photographer Credit: Mackensey Alexander Photography