{Heather & her boys} family holiday portraits


A lot of rain… a little rain. Heather and I felt like weather channel watchers for a couple weeks leading up to her session with her boys. We came close to rescheduling twice, but got lucky just in time. I met Heather thru a mutual friend, but at her session I was surprised to learn that Heather and I had crossed professional paths nearly seven years ago! I still can’t stop wondering how different things would be for me had we both partnered together as pediatricians. One thing is for sure… I would have met Emerson and Greyson much sooner. These boys are a photographer’s dream!

Dear Heather, I am so glad we found a dry-enough day to get your pictures done. I had a lot of fun with your boys and I am keeping my eyes out for some cool rocks for Greyson. Your boys adore you, but you know that already, right?

{Heather and her boys} family holiday portraits by Mango Mahalo Photography >> Michelle Anderson

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