{how to choose the best} senior portrait photographer


Why are you going to choose one senior portrait photographer over another? Probably the first and most important reason is because you have seen their work and you like what you see, right?  If not, you need to know that the third factor in choosing the right photographer is N in S-E-N-I-O-R and involves reviewing their Notebook (also called portfolio or gallery).

Most photographers display their past and current work on the internet on their official website, blog, Facebook and/or Instagram. The best place to start your evaluation of their work is by looking on their website or blog. Why not Facebook? Facebook makes photographers cringe because of the way photos get compressed and altered.  Many photographers recently have decided not to post “albums” on Facebook due to the perceived poor quality of those digital images. Instead, they will post a link to their blog on a social media platform (Facebook or Instagram). When you click on their link, you will see their photos with better crispness, clarity and correct colors. This Notebook (or gallery) will offer a better representation of your photographer’s work and what quality you can expect should you decide to work with them.

Blogging each session is not a requirement of photographers. Some might be too busy to post pictures and details about every session. Some photographers, like me, book a limited number of sessions each month and thus have time to showcase each session on their blog or website. There is no right or wrong with either. But know what your photographer’s style and quality is so you can be assured that you will be happy with your portraits.

Once in a while, a photographer will post a “before” and “after” picture in their portfolio, or gallery to show you how they take those great pictures (we call them SOOC for straight out of the camera) and transform them with their own unique artistic editing style into drop-dead gorgeous portraits. These are fun glimpses into the mind & vision of your photographer.  When I am showcasing a senior portrait album to my clients, I like to share with them a “before and after” picture.  I want them to see that in my style of editing I am not doing anything drastic to them but instead I like to adjust the light, exposure and vibrance of the environment around them to make them pop in that location. Take this for example: this is my senior rep for the Class of 2014, sitting in an early-morning lit field with the sun rising behind her. In the before picture, the colors a little flat. With a little brightness and warmth, the final picture displays her as the bright beautiful centerpiece in a sun-drenched field.

Next time we will explore the I in S-E-N-I-O-R and see which other quality you should hope for in your senior portrait photographer.

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