{how to choose the best} senior portrait photographer


Senior portrait photographers are everywhere, aren’t they? Whether novice or professional, they all want to promise you the best photos. The O in S-E-N-I-O-R refers to what your photographer should OFFER you.

Are you looking to become the next cover model on Elle or Vogue?  Well then you probably will be associating yourself with fashion photographers who are well known in the industry. Modeling agencies would help you find those famous photographers. But most seniors want to feel like they are worthy of being considered as the next fashion magazine cover model. And a professional senior photographer can offer you that.

The senior portrait experience is what your photographer designs it to be.  Do they want you to have fun, relax, and enjoy some spa treatments prior to the session? They might have a makeup artist, hair stylist and manicurist meet with you prior to your session. They might go the extra mile for you and pack some snacks and drinks for your session to keep your spirits high, and your tummy happy. They might offer you a special viewing appointment and slideshow to present you and your parents with all your awesome portraits. Whatever it is that they do to make you feel special, make sure they offer you a commitment to photograph the best version of you. You are worth it!

The final S-E-N-I-O-R criteria R hits the blog tomorrow!


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