{it’s good to be new}


Have you noticed something different about me? Or about my blog?

I finally get to show off my new look… my new “branding.” If you know me personally, you know that I adore things gold and silver. My best graphic designer and inspiring friend, Marie of Autumn’s Creek Designs helped me bring a bit of gold and silver to my blog. If you are a photographer looking for a new look yourself, please go tell Marie I sent you. You can find her creativity and awesomeness¬†here or here.

It certainly feels good to have a new look. To celebrate my new look, I am having a quick sale on “new”born sessions:

newborn photography sale by Mango Mahalo PhotographyThese are the details:

The sale starts today and ends March 10th at 10pm. I am offering 20% off a your newborn session. This is a HUGE savings and if you are expecting a new one yourself, you should consider taking advantage of this sale. To obtain the savings, you need to contact me ASAP with your information and your due date, and then I need to receive the discounted session fee in full by March 10th at 10pm. The session fee is non-refundable, with one exception (which I will discuss when you book your session).

So let’s celebrate “new” looks and “new” babies together! Call me today 909.800.4140


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