{let it snow!} Tracy’s prequel maternity portraits


A week ago, here in sunny California, we had SNOW!  It was that once-a-year type of storm that brought a lasting snowfall to our local mountains and to Oak Glen.  Since we have been planning Tracy’s maternity session (in 2 days!), we set up a very last minute snowy session.  I’m calling it as a prequel to her full maternity session… which is undoubtedly going to be full of sweetness.

Two tiny, but BIG details…

First, Tracy is expecting a daughter.  I will be announcing her daughter’s name in photographs from her upcoming session.

Second, Tracy is wearing a special necklace with a pendant that says “WISH.”  Her sister-in-law gave her this necklace before Tracy got pregnant.  I can’t wait to see this little “WISH” come true!

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