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Another month, and another entry into the group blog circle Letters To Our Sons.  We are mothers, photographers, and documentarians of both our sons and our thoughts about them.  Please continue reading thru the circle in its entirety, until you come back to me!


April 25th, 2013

Dear Evan,

At 22 months of age, you have developed a strong attraction to Matchbox & Hot Wheel cars.  And it’s a good thing because we have an endless supply of them, thanks to one of your older sisters, Maleah, who loves all things boys!  When you were born, our family and friends joked with Maleah about how the time would come when she would have to surrender her cars to you.  And although everyone would joke about it, I think no one wanted to be in the same house when that day came… Maleah can be quite protective over her cars.  She knows the ins and outs of each of them.  She knows when one is missing or misplaced.  She knows which ones need fixing and which ones roll fast.  And she has never really had to share them.  Not until now…

One morning, as your oldest sister was eating breakfast before school, I found you and Maleah playing side-by-side with cars on the kitchen table.  You were lining them up on a piece of lined paper, which often serves as a make-believe parking lot.  Watching you (and her) opened my heart to some feelings I had almost forgotten.  Do you know that the reason why I wanted you (before I became pregnant with you) was because I wanted your sisters to have another sibling.  That’s it.  Your daddy told me I was crazy and that we couldn’t have another child for that reason.  It was a simple reason, and it made sense to me.  I deeply desired that your sisters, knowing how close they are, would have one sister, or a brother, to grow up with, to play with, to love.  And here you are, all boy, and playing with your tomboy sister, and her wheels. 

I love you, and how your life has completed ours.


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