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Every month, I write a letter to my son, Evan. It is a letter I post on this blog, describing him, how super sweet and fun he is, and how he has captured my heart. This letter is linked to other mother-photographers in a blog circle called Letters to Our Sons. I encourage you to read my letter, see some pictures of Evan, and follow the link at the end to the next letter in the circle.


Dear Evan,

I write this letter to you the day after Christmas. It’s been a BUSY few days for you (and me). We stole away from our typical morning routine last week and visited a Christmas tree farm. We walked around looking at the trees that would hopefully find themselves in someone’s home. I followed you with my camera, letting you do your thing. You held hands with a wooden elf, we found a purple tree, you kicked dirt, you ran up and down the aisles, and your imagination went wild with a piece of string.

Tonight you are asleep in a special place ~ in your daddy’s old childhood bed. I don’t know how to explain to you how emotional that gets me. Seven years ago, I visited your daddy’s hometown and I was the one who slept in his childhood bed. I had no idea then that time would unfold and we would have two daughters and a son who would have their own turns sleeping in that same bed!

Earlier tonight we watched Elf with your cousins, most of whom had seen it before. You sat on my lap the whole time, and when Buddy the elf serenaded his newly found father, singing “I love you, I love you, I love you!” it made you laugh and you started to sing the same thing. Another memory was instantly branded in my heart. Evan, the things you do get me all tied up, emotionally. And then I remembered our time together on the Christmas tree farm.  It ended with you tying your string around my leg and pulling me to the car. You are such a little man, but you have such a strong way of moving my heart. 

I love you, bubs.



{letters to our sons} by Mango Mahalo Photography >> Michelle Anderson

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