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This has been a busy month with birthdays, summer break, swimming, spending more time with friends, and vacations.  I almost thought I would not be able to complete my June Letters To Our Sons blog entry.   This blog circle is made up of mother-photographers who take a monthly break from their routines to share their thoughts about their sons.  Start with my letter to Evan and when you reach the end, follow the link and repeat, until you come back to me!


June 25th, 2013

Dear Evan,

I remember a couple of summers ago (before you were here) when your sisters were enjoying pink ice cream cones and I was learning to use my DSLR camera.   Using them as my models, I studied the concepts of depth of field and bokeh.   Now those pictures hang up in their bedrooms.  So when I saw you sitting at the picnic table recently, eating a similar pink colored ice cream cone, I rushed to get my camera.  I wanted to let YOU show me how YOU wanted to eat it.  Overall, you are a very neat eater.  If any crumb gets on your finger, you say, “uh-oh!” and show us your finger hoping for someone to wipe it off.  But when it comes to ice cream, well, you don’t seem to notice the sticky sweet mess you create.

You are two days shy of turning two years old, and you are talking a lot more now.  It is fun to hear  you copy what your sisters say, like “Hot Mama” but you say “Hot Mommy.”  It melts my heart.  My favorite moments right now are when you look up at me and ask “Mommy?” knowing that I am there, but you are just making sure.  I am encouraging you constantly both at nap and bed times to not suck your thumb, and you always reassure me with your “K” response.  And when I find you after nap or bed times with a pale wrinkled thumb, we both know you had some difficulty keeping your promise.  That’s ok, we will keep working on it.  That’s what I am here for, son.

Happy Birthday, my Evan!




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