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Every month I write a letter to my son, Evan. I am a member of a blog circle of photographers who all compose “Letters to Our Sons.” We link our letters to each other, so you, the reader, can continue your reading and learning why our sons are so special to us.


Dear Evan,

As I watch you play endlessly with your four new motorcycles, or when you drop everything to listen to the sounds of a motorcycle racing down the street, I wonder how your “boy” brain thinks differently than mine. The things you notice are not what I would have noticed, had I not had you. Because of you, I will pull off the road, park our car, lower the windows, and watch a tractor move dirt. Well, I mostly watch the mesmerized look on your face.

As your mom, and as a woman, I know that my brain will always think and react differently than yours. But I will always be able to help you navigate thru life’s lessons. The lessons you are learning now, like how to get a long with your sisters, or how to not get upset when a friend plays with your toys. When you get upset, you are quick to tell me “I mad at YOU!” and even though it makes me laugh, I am just as quick to remind you that it is good to tell me how you feel, but that you don’t need to be mad about the little things.

Right now, it is adorable to watch you play with plastic motorcycles. I don’t let myself think about you someday riding a real motorcycle. I don’t think I could ever let you do that. We have a lot more of this world to explore together, on our feet.  I promise you, as the years go on, I will be there to pick you up, encourage you, pray for you, instruct you, and congratulate you…. there is so much for you to learn!  And as you learn, I am reminded about a famous biker’s quote ~ “Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass: it’s about learning to ride in the rain.”


Riding with you,


{Letters to Our Sons} Mango Mahalo Photography by Michelle Anderson

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