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If you are a photographer, you know how slow the hot summer months can be for business. Even with that, I found myself so incredibly busy in August that I had no time to compose my monthly Letters To Our Sons. This is a mom-led group of photographers who take pictures of their sons and write a letter describing how they feel about their sons once a month.  Now as I enter the Fall season of photography, which is perhaps the busiest season of all, I have found more than a moment to spend with my boy. Please follow the link at the end of this letter to read the next photographer’s letter.


Dear Evan,

It has been quite a long time since I have wanted to get these boxing gloves on you and take your picture. You weren’t too sure of them as I was getting them on you, but your curiosity won you over. 

Life with you the past few weeks has been rushed, running back and forth to school with your sisters. But it has also given us time to be alone, to eat lunch together, to go to the library together, and to simply play together. It reminds me of when I had all the time in the world to spend with your oldest sister, when she was our only child. 

Most mornings, I see the light pouring out from under your bedroom door, as you are already awake and peeking out your window.  Many nights, I find you fast asleep with the moonlight covering your body, as you seem to open your shutter if you hear a helicopter or motorcycle. You constantly ask to go to the car wash, but when we go, you are terrified and demand us to cover your face with our hand. You love to be “spooked” at home when you come running around a corner and I jump out and yell “boo!” You love everything cars, pirates, and robots. I can never keep dirt off your face, hands and legs. You are all boy, inside and out.

I am very excited about all the time we will have together this year and how much I will learn about you, and how much you will learn about the world we live in. Boxing gloves or not, you are my champ and I love you so.




{letters to our sons} Mango Mahalo Photography by Michelle Anderson

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