{mango mahalo secrets} editing senior portraits


I’ve said it before, and I will say it again…. There is A LOT that goes into a successful session. I spend a lot of time mapping out locations and natural light. That is no secret! I have found that the more time I invest in mapping a session, the quicker the session and the when you have a gorgeous senior with a fabulous wardrobe, you want to zip thru each location, nailing the shot instantly. With Libby, we did just that. But I don’t stop there. As soon as I took her picture, I knew exactly how I wanted to edit it.

What’s my secret?

1. Clean up the dead leaves so the green grass is mostly uniform.

2. Slight changes to color balance, hue & saturation to enhance the green grass.

3. Michelle Kane’s amazing actions, including Emerald Light Leak, Sweet Delight, Flawless Face & Buttery Blur.

{editing secrets} senior portraits by Mango Mahalo Photography by Michelle Anderson

And that is exactly how I wanted this photo to look!

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