This {urban funk} session was not originally planned when I first announced and filled all the dates.  But Shannan really wanted her three kids, Josh, Connor and Aubree, to have their own session, so I found her an extra date.  And I am so glad I did!  How amazing are her kids in front of the camera?!  Josh is quiet, but quite a gentleman and looks out over his younger siblings.  Connor is Mr. Personality and can’t keep a serious face unless his life depending on it.  And, Miss Aubree… just look at how sweet and spunky she is!   In the last set of pics all 3 kids fought over who got to wear what of dad’s army gear.  Thanks, Shannan, for putting together these outfits… I know how meaningful they are to you:)


These two brothers are tough boys!  They brought their old-school radio flyer wagons with all their gorgeous rust.  Their parents and I worked hard to get some smiles out of them, but what seems so wonderful is how big their parents are smiling!  That has to be a sign of how much joy these boys bring to their parents.  And as a side note, the last time I saw Garrett, he was just a few days old.  Here is what he looked like then… my how big he has gotten!


There are a lot of families I miss seeing in “the office,” and this is one of them.  Meet Makayla (who I knew as a baby) and Liam.  Makayla loves all things colorful and Taylor Swift, and Liam is happy with a set of wheels to ride.  Their smiles are so addictive!


Over four months ago, I took Ava’s newborn portraits (you can see them here).  Of course she has changed a lot, but a couple things remain the same.  First, she is so photogenic!  Second, she is so incredibly and fully loved by her mom and dad.  And she knows it.  See how much she smiles for them!


Here is one of my sweetest friends, Teila, and her sweet sweet sweet beautiful daughters.  She was the first person I called before I officially announced my {urban funk} mini sessions.  And without any hesitation, Teila was ready to do it.  I don’t know how Teila keeps such a big secret from her friends… she is a top secret model!  No wonder her daughters shine in front of the camera.  Really, can there be four stunning beauties in just one family?!

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