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I have been wanting to start occasional short posts about things I find beautiful.  These are things that range from beauty products, to fashion and accessories, to recipes, to travel & destinations, to artwork, and to anything else that inspires my senses.

Before I start my show & tell, here is my “product” disclaimer… I do not spend a pocket full of money on beauty products.  Most of what I find is what I can buy local (yes, I do shop at CVS, with coupons!), and I never pass up a free offer, which is how I stumbled upon Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment.

I was browsing in Sephora last week.  I did by something small, but in turn I was gifted this small but powerful bronzed metallic-cased lip balm, called Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment.  My initial thought was, “this is going to get lost in my purse!”   It was only two days later that I opened it up and tried it.  Instantly, my lips felt quenched and smoother than ever!  I remember thinking to myself that this sensation wouldn’t last.  But in fact, it did, for several hours.  I now use it every day, at most twice.  I don’t dare drop it into the abyss of my purse for fear of losing this fantastic lip moisturizer.  It stays on my bathroom counter, next to my makeup.  And at $22.50 (Sephora), I’m not sure I would have ever bought this on my own free will.  I think I can/should start saving up for the day when I run out, or for the possible catastrophic day I lose it…. oh no!

If you haven’t signed up as a Sephora Beauty Insider (their rewards program), it’s worth a trip there.  Look on the counter by the cash register and if you see an acrylic canister full of these lip balms, hold your breath & cross your fingers as you sign up and watch the sales clerk drop this amazing Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment into your bag, or your purse…  I promise you won’t ever dream of losing it!

  • August 21, 2013 - 7:18 pm

    elle sees - i love that, but i usually make my own! i know, i’m way too cheap.
    is there any way you could update your blogger profile with this link? It took me a few links to get here 🙂ReplyCancel

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