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{Kalena Joy} newborn portaits

Kalena Joy… what a beautiful name for a beautiful girl. She really has brought “pure joy” toView full post »

{Avery Rose} newborn portraits

Introducing Avery Rose, photographed at the sweet age of 8 days. She was (and is) a perfect baby girl.View full post »

{Matthew} newborn portraits

Life is full of surprises. Eric and Day were definitely surprised when they discovered they were going to beView full post »

{Owen Henry} newborn portraits

Introducing Owen Henry. He is the fourth member of Noah & Kristin’s adventurous family. In just a fewView full post »

{Samantha Grace} newborn portraits

The perfect little girl… five day old, Samantha Grace. She slept thru everything. She kept everythingView full post »

{happy happy newborn portrait sale} few more days left to book!

For all the details about reserving your next newborn session on sale (and how to receive a free gift from me),View full post »

{happy happy newborn portrait sale}

Soon it will be my birthday, and that means I want to celebrate with YOU! This year I will celebrate a lot ofView full post »

{John Mason} newborn portaits

John Mason (now known as Mason) came to see me at three days old. He received a lot of love from his mom, aunt,View full post »

{Savannah Rae} newborn portraits

Against all odds. Miss Savannah Rae had a beautiful newborn portrait session with me last week, when she was 17View full post »

{Olive Presley} newborn portraits

Meet Olive Presley. She is just as beautiful as her name! Her daddy is a fireman, and her mommy is a nurse. TheyView full post »

{Elin Jeane} newborn portraits

Last weekend the Schilt family visited my home studio for Elin’s newborn portraits. Her ever-mostView full post »

{Elise Emilia} newborn portraits

“There is only one happiness in life ~ to love and be loved”  George Sand Elise will be one happy girl,View full post »

{it’s good to be new}

Have you noticed something different about me? Or about my blog? I finally get to show off my new look… myView full post »

{Jaxson Ryder} newborn portraits

There is something miraculous about a newborn. Every newborn has a unique story of how God prepared theirView full post »

{baby Liam} newborn portraits

I had been closely watching the calendar for months, waiting for Liam’s arrival, hoping he would waitView full post »