{the Mandolini’s} family holiday portraits


I have good friends, and I have great friends. Teila is one of those great friends. She laughs at my jokes. She thinks about me and makes sure I know that. Whenever I have a “new” idea with photography, she is one of the first people I tell because I can always count on her encouragement and excitement. She never lacks in showing appreciation of her friends.

But if you know Teila, you will also know her to value her family like none other. She has three beautiful, sweet daughters, Malia, Tanna & Nyla. I have been fortunate to have photographed them many times before. But this session was different. Everything that led up to this session was unpredictable… the stomach flu hit her family and their car war stolen on the day their session was first scheduled. We rescheduled. It was the best decision because these are the results…

Dear Teila, I am grateful for your friendship. I know you are dying to see your pictures of your loved ones. So go ahead, and smile!

{the Mandolini

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