{urban funk featuring Jonah & Chloe} child portraits


I never thought I would get to the end of my {urban funk} mini sessions.  This is my very last one for 2012… but due to the amazing response, I will definitely plan on revisiting these mini sessions in the Fall 2013.

This last session was booked by Melissa, who found out about the {urban funk} when her friend finished her session with me and then went to Melissa’s house for dinner.  They talked about these mini sessions and before long, Melissa was calling me to schedule her adorable kids, Jonah & Chloe.  On the day of their session, I was packing up my car and noticed some bamboo poles and burlap in my garage stash.  I wondered if I would use them for Jonah & Chloe, and to my shock, Melissa was thrilled with the idea… her kids are a tiny part Cherokee Indian and she thought a tee-pee would be a great prop.  So up it went, with Melissa, Jonah, & Chloe helping me construct it.  Thanks guys!

Now, these kids are super cute, yes.  But you might be surprised about what one thing needs to be whispered to get Jonah to laugh uncontrollably (hint: it actually is my husband’s favorite fast food item).  And when you say “ice cream,” every part of Chloe’s body smiles and dances too!

Melissa, I’ll keep my camera charged and ready for our first snowstorm so we can do those family portraits you want:)



  • October 15, 2012 - 6:49 am

    Melissa - Omg! These are so cute!!!ReplyCancel

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